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Most kids get picked on at some point when they are growing up.  The danger is that in some cases name-calling and teasing can turn into harassment, and escalate into violence.  Growing up is hard enough without being emotionally or sexually harassed, or the victim of physical violence.

Children and youth that bully other students are equally at risk, not only because they are often the victims of bullying themselves either at school or at home, but because they think that getting what they want in life, means hurting other people or pushing them around.

Children and youth that engage in bullying behaviour don’t necessarily lack confidence, but they have not learned to respect other people, and may have learned to think that being cruel to other people is fun.  This attitude is not going to work for them as adults, and children and youth that think it is fun to hurt other people better start learning to think of other people as human beings if they want to carry whatever self-confidence they have into their lives as adults.  Bullying behaviour can be extremely dangerous, and can have consequences that most people would have trouble living with.